verandah with Bay view

Axel Stenross Maritime Museum welcomes cruise ships

The cruise ship season commences in Port Lincoln soon.  Thirteen  ships will visit between October ’19 – March ’20, bringing over 33,000 passengers and crew to enjoy the sights and taste our outstanding seafood. Axel Stenross Maritime Museum welcomes all cruise ship visitors and offers a discounted entry fee on the day. A great way to learn about the maritime history of Port Lincoln and the growth of its iconic fishing industry.

visitors enter the Museum

Visitors in the reception area of the Museum

Cruise ship visitors arrive

Cruise ship visitors arrive at Axel Stenross Maritime Museum a number of ways. Some take the opportunity to stretch their legs and enjoy the 20-30 minute walk along the Parnkalla Trail. This gives a great view of Boston Bay and passes the site of the First Landing of European settlers in the Port. Some share an economical taxi ride from the foreshore  – easy to get and only a 5 minute ride to the Museum. Some have booked on a tour such as EP Bus Charters “Seafood Story” which visits the Axel Stenross Maritime Museum along with other sites.

visitors eating takeaway on the Verandah

cruise ship visitors having takeaway on the Verandah

Visitor feedback on Axel Stenross Maritime Museum

All have enjoyed their visit. Feedback comments in our Visitor Log include:

Ian & Meredith: a must see! Comprehensive look at the industries locally too!

Capt. Digby Longhurst: perfect location and a treasure trove of maritime history preserved

Kath & Bronte: one of the best nautical museums in Australia

Katie & Dominic: much more than we expected! We will be back!