Axel Stenross Maritime Museum Aerial View

School Holidays at the museum


School Holidays are here and we welcome visiting families from around Australia.

  • Come and learn the story of Captain Matthew Flinders and his well loved cat and see if you can find the tiny replica of Trim aboard the model ship, HMS Investigator.
  • Wander through the living and boat building areas of Axel Stenross and Frank Laakso and be totally immersed in a by-gone era.
  • Climb up to ‘The Bridge’ and take a view over the boats on display within the museum. Maybe you might like to don the Captain’s hat and ring the bell loud and clear.
  • View the Hecla on display outside the museum and  climb the adjoining steps for not only a glimpse of the deck but for the best view of the harbour.
  • Enjoy wandering amongst many fine examples of wooden boats and learn of their history.
  • Make sure you view the whale jaw bone and vertebrae on display  at the entrance of the museum. Also on display is a blubber pot from the whaling era. Learn more of that history when watching the interesting whaling video.
  • You can ask at the front counter for our specially designed Children’s Questionnaire which can be completed as you tour the museum.

All this, and so much more.

Come and visit – you won’t be disappointed.